Junichi Hakose


Maki-e, urushi lacquer work,

what is needed here?

Tools, materials, techniques…

Of course they are essential.

But those alone are not enough to create a “piece of work”,

let alone,

attract your eyes of love for beauty.


          What is more important than skilled work of hands,


               It’s the will and the curiosity

In search of scenery that strikes me

I travel out to different cultures

It is such that curiosity 

I am struck by what I experience
Being moved by what is felt

I realize what I want to cherish and what remains unchanged

  There’s nothing to be wasted


Thoughts and emotions that come up day to day

                      are the souls of the “piece of work”

If this “piece of work” was caught in your eyes,

and if it appealed its existence,

and left some feelings inside of you,

I hope that those feelings will be cherished, connected, and passed on and on.


            It’s not just from us to you

                        Those are the thoughts that connect the past to the future


                  Which is a thought, 

                               called the tradition


Van Cleef& Arpels
Junichi Hakose


It has been more than 10 years since the Collaboration with Van Cleef & Arpels first started.

In the summer of 2019, a project took place in Wajima.

There is a collection, called Papillon Laqué, which is butterfly jewelry decorated with maki-e lacquer.
The creation process of the Papillon Laqué collection was filmed.

Hakose’s mind, heart, and passion towards this Collaboration are finely captured in this film.

With the courtesy of Van Cleef & Arpels, we proudly present  this film to you.

This Collaboration is a Jewel for us.
Please take a look.

Motifs; Its position, numbers, expression,
What is universal,
those to be loved,

Introduction to Maki-e Techniques

The Maki-e;
is about drawing something familiar, rather than what is imaginary

That is where we start