Ultimate works of Hands

Here, we will introduce Maki-e techniques

    that could be called “the ultimate work of hands”


Can you guess what this movie is showing?

It is a part of a whisker of a prawn of the “Iso Maki-e”.

Concentrate on the very tip of the brush, apply constant pressure on it and sweep.

Although it is understandable in words, it is not easy to draw a thin, taut line.

This is especially true when the vessel is curved, like a sake cup.

I hope you can actually pick up a piece of our lacquerware and feel the dynamism of the maki-e drawing.

Drawing an ”over drawing picture” using colored urushi with a long tip brush called the “maki-e brush”
is done at the final process to complete the Maki-e drawing.
The drawing in the above is called “Yugetsu maki-e” (evening moon maki-e). This is a scene where a man is pulling a net out of a boat. The creaking sound of the boat, the momentum of the nets, and the dynamism of the people at work can be felt. The urushi lacquer is very sticky, viscous and difficult to handle. Special brush is used to draw with a highly viscous urushi lacquer. Drawing fine curvaceous vivid lines separates the skilled maki-e artists from the rest.

Cherry blossom stamen is also added  by “over drawing picture”.
A dot is drawn around the stamen and then the stamen is extended.
It takes a lot of concentration to draw the lines and to make the dots.

This is to create the moment when the flower is in full bloom and alive.

I am fascinated by the discipline of cherry blossoms that always bloom every year,
and the gracefulness with which they fall quickly

Zodiac sign sake cup.

Zodiac animals living in a small space entertain us.

There is a part that I would like to draw your attention to.
Some people may not like it, but please take a look at the Zodiac snake.
To put it more, please focus on the string of the biwa lute,
which the snake is wrapped around.

The tension is so tense.

Silver, urushi lacquer, and egg white are mixed together to make a special lacquer for this work.

When it is applied with a brush, the brush marks stand out and the beautiful flow of silver is completed.

The distribution of the lacquer depends on the craftsman’s intuition.
The amount of materials used is adjusted according to the season, temperature, and humidity at the time.
This is why each piece is unique and distinct.