"Konomi" Maki-e

Konomi is about harvest

The meaning of the word is, to bear fruits, to grow fruits

It is very important

Because of the blessings from nature, why we are able to live

There are four seasons in Japan

By picking and eating the fruits of the seasons, we have grown

That will never change

We receive it with gratitude, whether it’s chestnuts, rice, or anything

It’s a very happy thing

In fact, there are many festivals to give thanks for the harvest

Without the harvest, we cannot eat nor we cannot live
What we eat is fundamental

Therefore, when drawing Maki-e of those fruits, it is not just drawing persimmons and chestnuts

My gratitude for the blessings that I received, that made me grow, ever since

The feeling and thoughts are the souls of my drawings
If without them, my maki-e will never move anyone’s hearts