"Sekka" Maki-e

Why is snowflake written “flower of snow”

The snowflakes are gorgeous

They dance in the air and fall from above,

as if flowers are falling

Hexagonal snowflakes were already recorded in the Edo period

This fact is astonishing, that they have been observed and patterned since the days when there were no lenses

That’s why the richness of this icy substance attracts so many people’s minds

I couldn’t help drawing it

It’s not that  it would sell, if I drew it

It’s because it’s such a wonderful and interesting world

Maki-e is unique to Japan, but snow is not. I wonder if the people in a country where they are more   surrounded by ice, do they see the flowers in the snow? What a rich thing, even if it is not always easy to live in those places I wonder what would they see in these big flowers of snow  

A picture that reflects nature does not only show the present that is right in front of us

It can expand the world
You can imagine a different world

For those who know about snow, and for those who live in places without snow

Through the flowers of snow, the richness of the snow is conveyed

A moment of beauty of the nature that fascinates everyone is locked in this flowers of snow maki-e