"Go-Sekku" Maki-e

Sekku is the seasonal turning point that we celebrate with a traditional ceremony

Among them, the Five(go) Seasonal Festivals are particularly well known


Those are the days of seasonal celebration loved and cherished from the old days


Nowadays, it seems that people are less and less conscious in celebrating seasonal festivals

I believe it is my role to draw pictures of them


Tanabata and Hinamatsuri are well known, but such
Sekku as Chouyou seems to be fading away

However, the five seasonal festivals were originally very familiar to us


Feeling the arrival of spring, giving thoughts to the children growing up

In the story of the stars, the sound of bamboo grasses swaying in the wind senses coolness

Feeling the depth of autumn by the chrysanthemums

Feel the seasons, and enjoy

This is a culture and history that is deeply rooted in Japan from ancient days 

Inside them, there is a picture and there is a beauty that comes to life

I want to draw such things

I need to draw them


I feel like I’m buried in the hustle and bustle of everyday life

The beauty that is familiar, that surrounds us, and their values are the things that I would like to convey