Junichi Hakose x Christofle Collaboration Film

MOOD Christofle   x  Junichi Hakose 

In 2020, Christofle, who has been in business for 190 years, and Junichi Hakose have collaborated to create a new product.


Junichi Hakose boldly designed the traditional Japanese beauty on the Christofle cutlery collection “MOOD” and challenged the new expression of Maki-e.


The layers of urushi lacquer, the gold and silver powders sprinkled, and the lines created with precise brush strokes…


Not only the sounds that narrate how the Maki-e is created but also his hope to excel our inherited tradition were all put together in one beautiful film.


We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to Christofle, and hope you will enjoy it as a piece of art.




This video is presented here by the courtesy of Christofle.