"Gangu" Maki-e

Toys have existed from the Jomon period and to this day

 In many countries, many toys have been made and played with by children

 They will not be misled

 What is fun is fun

 That’s why there is a universality to it

Probably very few people have never played with a “spinning top”

But do you know that this toy has existed for thousands of years?

The materials have changed, the shape has changed, and yet it has been played with

There are so many toys like such

Over the years, countless toys have come to life

Among them, the ones that fascinate me and that I find most interesting are the Edo toys

First of all, the shapes are very natural

They have good characteristics

That’s why I have a feeling that it will make a good picture

It catches my eye and attracts me

Grown-ups don’t play with toys much

But it is the grown-ups who have been making toys that children find interesting

Grown-ups are making toys from a child’s point of view,

and there is a charm in that that is not just a childish gimmick

The shape is interesting…

It will be more fun in this way…

Since toys have been made for children for centuries, there is a world that can only be expressed by toys

They are nostalgic and never get old

Toys that have been loved from the old days, 

 they remind me of those days just by looking at them