"Kare-hasu / Himawari" Maki-e

Imagine the power and beauty of the life of a plant 

Say, the lotus and the sunflower

Many may think of flaming fresh flowers in their minds


But not me,


In the end of summer
All the petals of the lotus fall off, and the fruit is born
Eventually, the stem withers and breaks

The sunflower drops its bright petals and turns black
The stems wither and harden, leaving only the fruit

I think that is the most beautiful thing

It is not the desolation of the end that is there

but the beauty of the time that continues to overlap


From the fruit dropped, another bud emerges, spreading dark green leaves

A fresh flower blooms, and then it drops its petals again, leaving the fruit behind


There is a strength in the life that continues and stacks up through the seasons,

 and there is an excess of beauty in itself in the withered fruits that are quietly swaying in the wind

I’d like to express that   

The withered lotus in the swamp is really beautiful

Aging is not bad in a way such beauties are felt

Of course, it’s good to have momentum
But at the age of 60, 70, 80, being, a lady or a gentleman, a little withered but decent is not so bad

The way you age is the same between the plants and human beings

I think of the importance of how I accumulate my days through the withered lotus and sunflower