"Takara Zukushi" Maki-e

Treasure troves

What do we draw in our minds when we hear that?

Each country, each era, and even each individual has its own treasures

Maki-e’s treasure trove

It is the history and culture of Japan


Shousouin is a name that many people have heard of, in Japan.

Even if the building doesn’t come to mind, you must have heard the name somewhere


It is a place where treasures and long history from the distant past have been carefully protected to this day


It is the same with the treasure trove maki-e

In the Nara period
In the Edo period
In the Showa era

In each era and culture, many treasures have been born

How many of them do we know that have been born and loved?

Vivid designs that depict the beauty of the treasures from the distant era with their history

Treasures that have not lost their luster even now


At your celebration or at when you are welcoming the New Year
treasure trove is the symbol that adds luster to the joy.

The treasure troves will celebrate your treasured time together with you. They are such symbols.

What is your treasure?

What are the treasures of those near you?

 Having the treasure troves of Japanese times and culture in front, showing off each other’s treasures might be a good idea