"Saimon" Maki-e

I have a strong feeling about “Saimon”

Wajima is a rural area

A place where I work every day

Vegetables grow right next to us

I want to draw with maki-e,

the one most close by and the one that is everywhere

That is the what I strongly feel

Maki-e uses gold, silver, taking a long time, costing a lot to make

In such a world, the common sense is, 

Is it appropriate to draw something that is sold on the roadsides in the countryside?


That is why I dare to draw it

In the past, in the Edo or Meiji periods,

   there were many craftsmen who drew vegetables with Maki-e

Now they are gone

Maki-e became too polished

Don’t get too fancy

Maki-e is a familiar form of art

I draw vegetables not only because they are familiar,

   but because I want to make Maki-e more familiar

Because I feel so