"Daimyo Gyoretsu" Maki-e

How this motif came to life is very simple

I just wanted to draw it

The Daimyo Lords’ Procession only existed in the Edo period

The shogun of Edo ordered the Daimyo Lords of the provinces to come to Edo

Daimyo Lords of the provinces would line up and make the long journey to Edo

That was the Daimyo Lords‘ Procession

It was a very special circumstantial custom of that era and a custom that does not exist today

This is what the painters of the Edo period have drawn

It must have been an eye-catching event for the public living in that era

Long and spectacular

It is said that those Daimyo Lords competed with each other in pomp and circumstance

For the public, the beautiful procession was a great entertainment


I wonder what would happen if I reflected on it today

I wonder what would happen if I painted it with my own skills

Just thinking about it takes me to a strange comfortableness, and that makes me fun

That’s why I decided to draw them

Yes, I wanted to paint it in my own way

A Daimyo Lords’ Procession walking slowly down the street

Many people stopped their hands,

and stared at the view of the luxurious procession walking on the lacquerware